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If you have been caught and charged with drunk driving in Miami you need an attorney to start work on your case right away.  Drunk driving is also referred to as DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DUI lawyer can at least make you aware of your time sensitive rights. Speak to a DUI attorney immediately and don’t waste precious time.

Florida courts require applying for or waiving a hearing in writing with the DMV within 10 days to retain use of your license during the court process.  Drunk driving is one of those charges that can be very frightening as you are going through the process because unlike shoplifting, you lose your driving privileges if you aren’t quick enough to meet the time demands of the state.

Obviously the penalties can be severe. Drunk driving laws were put in place to prevent fatalities and other injury because cars are dangerous pieces of machinery.  Operators of motor vehicles that have been proven to have driven under the influence are treated no differently than someone who has waved around a gun.  That is why it is very important that we try to mitigate the circumstances and get you a more favorable disposition in the court.

While it is certainly not an ideal thing to go through, a drunk driving charge can be beaten.  The state still has to prove that you were guilty and do so in such a way that all of your rights were protected.  Your attorney must be passionate in your defense, and that includes asserting those rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution.  Your attorney must be on top of schedules and deadlines and always look to find those areas of positive compromise on your behalf.  It is import to find that attorney who believes in you, your case, and is capable of providing you with the best legal defense for your drunk driving case in Miami.

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