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By: Miami DUI Lawyer Albert QUIRANTES

Planning on a big Halloween party this weekend, well police departments across the country are planning Halloween DUI checkpoints and this includes Miami.

They will be out in droves to nab the drunken ghouls and goblins and protect our little ghosts.

Getting nabbed by the cops for DUI will cost you. One way or another you will pay and not necessarily only in dollar bills.  If an officer suspects you of DUI, you must be arrested.


They won’t just take you home, they will cuff you and make the county jail your home for the night. 

You will have to post bond to get out of jail and then you had better find yourself a DUI attorney in Miami if you want A chance of getting your case dismissed.  Of course, that will cost you as well.

A Florida DUI, even if it’s a first offense, is punishable by up to six months in jail, your license will be suspended on the spot for either six months or a year, fines and court cost will run over $1500 for your first offense.

Between the cost of attending DUI school, paying for your vehicle to be impounded for a minimum of 10 days,  attending a victim impact panel, doing between 50 and 150 community service hours and being placed on probation from six months to a year, you will most certainly never forget this Halloween. 

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Use bright colors that are visible to traffic. Never jaywalk across the street in the middle of the block. Use corners to cross and try to walk in well lit areas.

Don’t stray away from your group and make sure you have at least one adult with you.

Don’t eat any fresh fruits that are given to you or put in your bag until they are thoroughly checked. Make sure an adult examines everything before you put anything in your mouth

miami dui defense lawyer

There are actually terrible people out there that are trying to hurt innocent trick-or-treaters by providing poisonous foods and items such as razors in apples.  Some people actually hate the concept of Halloween and this is how they get even.

If you are throwing the party, try to put limits on the amount of alcohol served to your guests. Don’t serve a guest who is visibly hammered.

Call a cab on a guest before they leave in a car if you suspect that they are impaired. Believe me, they will appreciate it the next day.

Don’t let your party get out of hand, watch guests who might do too much drinking and get into arguments. All of these are great ways to limit your liability as the host of the party.

Enjoy your Halloween and remember, it is just for fun.  Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t engage in mischievous activity like throwing eggs or destroying private property, this is another easy way to get arrested.

And finally, put your lawyers number on speed dial. Miami criminal defense attorney Albert Quirantes will be on call in case you run into a problem.

Visit our website at www.DUIfirm.com so that you make click to call 305-644-1800, or click to text or email us, or click for a map and directions to our office.

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