I Got a Speeding Ticket – Should I Fight It?

Albert Quirantes, Esq.

Albert Quirantes, Esq.

Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket can have serious consequences in Florida but fortunately, it can be fought. You will need an experienced Miami ticket attorney like Albert Quirantes Esq. Criminal DUI & Ticket Lawyers, who has helped many hundreds of clients avoid penalties or at least minimize their severity.

In some cases, speeding tickets should never have been given out at all. 

The technology used by enforcement agencies isn’t always accurate. Faulty or poorly calibrated radar and laser equipment, failure to identify the correct speeding vehicle, poor pacing procedures used by the officer sighting the alleged speeding vehicle, or an inexperienced or untrained traffic officer can all have an impact on the outcome of the ticket. 

An experienced ticket attorney can investigate these possibilities and question the validity of the speeding charge. 

Why not fighting a speeding ticket can be a mistake

When people get a speeding ticket, they may think it’s just a fine. Why go to the bother of fighting it? Just pay the fine and get it out the way.  

That may not be a smart move as there are more serious consequences to getting a speeding ticket than you might think. It’s worth understanding how the consequences for speeding in Florida might be more than just paying a fine. 

For a start, penalties depend on how fast you were allegedly driving above the designated speed limit. The faster you have been alleged to have been driving above the speed limit, the higher the fine. The exact range of fines is more or less the same in all Florida jurisdictions but does depend on the county, so Miami-Dade, for example, has different penalties than Hillsborough. 

  • The penalty will be higher if it is a second or third offense. 
  • The more times you are caught speeding, the greater the penalty.
  • If you were allegedly speeding in a designated school zone, this is treated much more seriously and the penalties are much greater.
  • If you cause an accident when you were speeding, then this could see you charged with a criminal offense like reckless driving.  
  • Even if you didn’t cause an accident, but were caught driving more than 30mph over the speed limit, you will have to attend a mandatory court hearing or hire a lawyer, to do so for you.

A misdemeanor traffic criminal offense can mean jail time in addition to losing your license for a time and paying a fine. 

It’s not just a fine 

The potential consequences of not fighting a speeding ticket don’t end there. In addition to fines of varying amounts, you will automatically gain points on your license. If these points accumulate (e.g. because of other traffic offenses) you may actually lose your license. 

Insurance firms take a dim view of speeding. It means that you could be considered more of an insurance risk and this is likely to result in increased premiums. 

Lastly, your job could be at risk if you have speeding violations. Many commercial drivers are expected to keep a clean driving record. A speeding violation may result in losing your job. 

If your license is revoked because of speeding violation points, you may not be able to drive for a while and this could affect your ability to get to work on time or do your job, even if your employer doesn’t know why. 

Fight your speeding ticket! 

Let an experienced attorney help you. 

There are many reasons why you should fight a speeding ticket, especially if you think it was unjustified. Contact Miami ticket attorney, Albert Quirantes Esq. Criminal DUI & Ticket Lawyers, at 305-644-1800 to make an appointment to discuss your legal options. 

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