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If you have been unlucky enough to get charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you can face much more than a jail term or stiff fines. There are a lot of consequences that can negatively affect your driving days as well as other aspects of your life when accused of drunk driving. Thus, hiring an effective DUI attorney is important to avoid unwanted consequences in order to legally get behind the driver’s seat again.

Impaired driving can cause you to get high fines, a suspended license and a stiff jail term, even if it’s your first offense. Your insurance rates will climb and finding jobs will also be a problem once you get something like that on your criminal record. Police officers in the majority of states are now on the lookout  for a DUI drivers because there are special financial incentives such as “overtime pay” available to officers and high fines and court costs for state coffers.  Thus it might be very difficult to expect leniency from prosecutors and judges if you get arrested for DUI. You might not know a lot about your legal options if you are trying to fight the legal system on your own.

That’s where finding a capable and competent DUI attorney comes in. A good DUI attorney will not just help you avoid the legal pitfalls that might curtail your driving days and also slap you with high fines but your attorney can help keep you straight and behind the driver’s seat. An expert DUI attorney with experience will study the circumstances under which you were tested and caught and might also challenge the very tests themselves to try get all charges dismissed against you. Your aggressive DUI lawyer can also pin point where law enforcement acts illegally themselves in an overzealous fashion which may cause the judge to toss your case out.

In most in states your license is confiscated on the spot when you are charged with DUI.  This will certainly take your wheels away. You only have ten (10) days to have a lawyer file a petition for an administrative review at the DMV.  So, don’t waste any time in seeing a DUI lawyer as soon as you are released from jail. 

DUI cases are divided into two forums, one is the DMV and another the criminal court.  These forums have different rules of procedure and hare governed by different Florida Statutes.  This is when the experience of a competent DUI expert lawyer. Finding a lawyer with decades of experience in DUI defense will make a difference in whether you will be acquitted or convicted.

A DUI attorney with experience will benefit you more than you would know. A private DUI lawyer with experience in fighting DUI charges will get likely you far better results that you are can ever imagine. Moreover, hiring an expert DUI attorney with experience in the jurisdiction may provide you with an added advantage if they are familiar with prosecutors and judges.

Miami is a place with a high volume of DUI cases and DUI is taken quite seriously . If you are looking for a DUI attorney in Miami, consider a Miami DUI lawyer with decades of experience in fighting drunk driving charges. Take some time and research your options because a DUI conviction can never be sealed or erased – it can haunt you forever. So will the decision of which lawyer you will hire now.

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